Keri Hilson is planning a surprise return to music

Keri Hilson is enjoying success as an actress with her new VH1 movie, Hip Hop Family Christmas, and recent the theatrical release, For The Love Of Money, starring Katt Williams.

The 39-year-old entertainer began her career as a singer, and hit number one in 2009 with her double-platinum hit, “Knock You Down.” She released solo albums in 2009 and 2010, and her fans are waiting for album number three.

Keri says new music is coming.

“Any time I’ve announced it, there’s always been some sort of monkey wrench in the plan. Yes, I have music. (laughs) Yes. Yes, I plan to release music again. Yes, I’m still an artist. Yes, you will hear more music from Keri Hilson,” she tells ABC Audio. “When, is something that I dare not answer ever again. But I think it might be more of a surprise situation.”

Hilson is also looking forward to being featured on the Hip Hop Family Christmas soundtrack.

Jamie Foxx has done some Christmas songs. We also have Redman and MC Lyte doing a remix of one of their legendary hits,” Keri says. “I hope to do a song soundtrack as well.”

The film also stars Serayah from Empire, Ne-Yo, Terrence J, Demetrius Shipp, Jr., and more. Keri was already close with Ne-Yo and Terrence, and she made some new friends.

“Then to gain Serayah as like a sister and to gain MC Lyte in a more close way — we’ve known each other, but not closely,’ Hilson continues. “Redman, I had never met, even though he is very much a legend. We bonded.

Keri says she enjoyed a special rapport with all of her co-stars.

“We all just we would hang out,” she recalls. “Made it extra fun and special.”

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