Kenny Mason explains the deep-rooted connection between hip-hop and rock music

Angelic Hoodrat rapper Kenny Mason has often been compared to Kendrick Lamar and Lil Wayne.

In an interview with Billboard, Mason admits he’s studied both legendary artists, but it took years before finding his sound that blends hip-hop and rock music over poignant lyrics.

“It’s taken a lot of years, for sure. I have and still am trying to get it right,” Mason says. “For a while, I was only rapping because I wanted to prove I can rap, so I didn’t put out any alternative sounds, although I was experimenting with them.”

He continues, “As a matter of fact, I only released one, and it was called ‘DS,’ and it sounded like some Jimmy Eat World and Foo Fighters [stuff]. But it was tough, man. I’m in Atlanta and didn’t know if people would support it.”

Mason felt the songs weren’t ready to be released until he met producer, Julian Cruz, who “understood what I was trying to do, took what I had in mind, and brought them to life.”

He hopes fans will understand the deep-rooted connection between rock and hip-hop, considering acts like the Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, and Transparent Soul” artist Willow Smith.

“One of my favorite songs ever, ’99 Problems’ by Jay-Z, has that incredible riff in it, while also being very gritty and grungy,” he continues. “More than anything, it’s the swagger and lifestyle that enables its stay within the culture. People are buying into it, thus wanting to embody it too.”

“That’s why the music feels bigger than life,” he declares. “But for me, it’s the sonics that I love most. The feeling I get from hearing a guitar play or when doing my vocals are a certain way. I want to see this lead to something else that’s new.”

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