Kendrick Lamar reflects on rap’s impact on his life

(NOTE LANGUAGE) Kendrick Lamar took some time from The Big Steppers Tour to reflect on the ways rap has positively affected his life. In a post on his Instagram Story, he credited the music for his self-growth, referring to it as a necessity in his lifelong journey.

“rap has truly helped my expansion of self. beyond the perception of who I believed to be. on jojo. music is air to a young n**** at this point. mr morale. the catalyst of my self expression,” Kendrick penned.

He also noted it took him “twenty years” to make “Mother I Sober,” a track off his Mr. Morales & The Big Steppers album, which sees him tackle his childhood trauma, battles with lust and other demons.

Kendrick’s rap career has afforded him the opportunity to meet his fans and travel around the world. He appreciates the experiences, some of which he says will forever be ingrained in his memory.

“ill never forget the process of falling in love with imperfection. the piano. my fans. the stories of reconciliation i hear from penitentiaries to small villages,” Kendrick wrote. “Some words will find you today. Some will find you in 10. find your children type shit. sitting in the corner like an old book.”

“im forever underground. infratrating [sic] the mainstream a la carte,” he continued. “these cities still beautiful to watch. on jojo. ily.”

Kendrick’s U.S. tour ends September 15 in LA; the European leg picks up the following month. Visuals of his shows can be found on his Instagram, where he uploaded 50 photos before sharing his reflective post.

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