Keke Wyatt recalls learning when her son had cancer

Keke Wyatt is celebrating that her 18-year-old son, Rahjah, is now cancer free.  But she hasn’t forgotten the shock she felt when he was diagnosed.

In a YouTube video titled “No More Cancer! God Healed My Baby,” the R&B Divas star recalls when she suspected Rahjah had a serious problem.

“We went to Six Flags,” she says, and her son “sat in one spot at the park and was like, ‘Mom, I literally can not move."” Rahjah had to be carried out of the park and taken to a hospital.

“You couldn’t walk. You couldn’t do anything,” she recounts to her son in the video, to which Rahjah replies, “Because I was dying! I was literally dying and we didn’t know.”

Doctors confirmed he was suffering from cancer. He endured multiple seizures while in the hospital, but now he’s fully recovered.

Rahjah is one of Keke’s ten children. Her youngest child will turn one year old on January 6

By Ken Simmons
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