Keke Palmer says ‘Alice’ inspired her to create films “where Black people exist just as humans without struggle”

Keke Palmer says she wants to produce more relatable content after working on the upcoming historical thriller, Alice.

Written by Kyrstin Ver Linden, Alice focuses on a woman in servitude in 1800s Georgia, who manages to escape and discover its actually 1973.  In an exclusive interview with Hollywood Life, the 27-year-old actress, singer and TV host admitted she was hesitant about recreating Black American history through film, “because it can be very heavy and dark.”  Yet serving as lead and executive producer of the film has “changed my life,” says Palmer.

“That experience has literally propelled me into being that much more fearless when it comes to being free and going and getting myself to work hard and give myself everything that I want and that I can have,” Keke declared.

In the future, Palmer said she would like to tell “a day in the life” stories about Black women and “normal movies where Black people exist just as humans without struggle.”

“I want to be able to do a movie…where it’s just about, ‘if he likes me? Or, ‘I wonder if I’m going to get married?,"” she continued. “I just want to do a movie that’s not about me being Black and how hard it is being Black.”

Palmer said her decision to expand her portfolio into producing and directing was also inspired by her Hustlers co-star, Jennifer Lopez

“It was just awesome to watch her go in and out of being a producer and an actor on the set of Hustlers,” said Palmer of J-Lo. “She leads by example…the real truth is her character. And that’s what I really caught on to.”

By Rachel George
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