Keke Palmer releases the music video for her single “Dreamcatcher”

Multi-talented actress, dancer, talk show host and singer Keke Palmer shares the music video to her single “Dreamcatcher.”

The video features nostalgic memories from the 1980s, including a Masters of the Universe bed sheet set, a Rubik’s cube and jaw-dropping photos of Keke plastered on the wall, just like your favorite Baywatch models. 

“Dreamcatchers” was featured on Keke’s latest EP, Virgo Tendencies Pt. 1.

“Virgo Tendencies became the place I could creatively seek refuge,” Palmer tells Flaunt magazine. “I was hoping that it could be that safe refuge for my audience too.”

The 12-track EP was released in August, boasting Keke’s signature singles “Thick,” “Snack” and other irresistible tracks like “Quarantine Blues” and a hilarious skit on “Let’s Have a Keke.”

Palmer says she remembers to keep her head on straight as she readies new music and prepares for her role in the Disney reboot of The Proud Family, among her many other successful projects.

“I don’t think I take time to sit and think about what I’ve accomplished, only because I don’t want to get too caught up in it all,” she continues. “I want to make sure that I’m keeping it about creating art and allowing my experiences to provide relief for others.”

By Rachel George
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