Keke Palmer on how her son brings peace, made her “more selective with projects”

Keke Palmer‘s been known to juggle gigs, but with her new role as mother to son Leo, she’s become picky about with projects she agrees to work on.

“[I’m] definitely more selective with projects,” she tells People. “Looking for stuff that allows me to be with him either at home, or it’s somewhere I can go and have a room or a trailer.”

“I also want to respect his individuality and his freedom and space,” she continued. “It’s not just like you come to mommy’s world, only mommy’s world. You have to always think about that, with kids. While we want to take them everywhere and we want them to be our world, they are their own little people, so you have to also give them their own sense of structure. Because as an adult, I’m kind of here, there and everywhere. I really try to keep that in mind.”

Beyond work, turning 30 has changed her overall outlook on life.

“Being 30, it’s put me in a different head space that’s allowed me to kind of feel more observational about my life,” Keke says. “I’m not so in the weeds of everything. I’m really trusting and having faith that everything will work out as it should. I think so much of that peace has come from my son.”


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