Kehlani shares her “personal ex-smoker experience” after three years of sobriety

Kehlani is celebrating three years of sobriety since she last smoked weed and six months since her last alcoholic drink. 

On Sunday, the R&B singer revealed she gave up the green and the alcohol, in response to a fan who created a Twitter thread of images that show Kehlani smoking.  

“Wow, It’s been almost three years. Prada me I thought I’d never get free from the backwoods clutches,” she tweeted.

“That’s why I be dead when people’s response to something I do is about how I must be high. I am a square. I do nothing at all,” Kehlani continued. “Absolutely zero drugs. [I] ain’t smoked in 3 years, ain’t even drank in six months. It’s the VIETNAMESE ICED COFFEE.”

In another tweet, the Oakland native admitted she was not “smoker shaming,” but simply sharing her personal experience as an ex-smoker. 

“I’m not smoker shaming. I’m jus speaking from my personal ex-smoker experience,” wrote Kehlani. “S/o all the people that weed is doing beautiful things for. I [freakin’] love the plant and all its purposes & beautiful qualities. Smoke da weed don’t let it smoke you.”

Kehlani joins the likes of rapper DaBaby, who also announced he stopped smoking at the top of 2020.

While Kehlani and DaBaby are leaving the green behind other music artists are embracing the cannabis industry and turning it into their latest side hustle. Since Colorado and Washington’s groundbreaking move to legalize recreational marijuana in 2012, followed by California and other states, a number of artists have launched their own weed strains including 2 Chainz, Rick RossSnoop Dogg, The Game, Wiz Khalifa, and more. Most recently, music mogul Jay-Z launched his Monogram cannabis line last October. 

By Rachel George
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