Katt Williams + Suge Knight talk posthumous music from Tupac

When comedian Katt Williams joined imprisoned record executive Suge Knight for a phone conversation recently, they opened up about unreleased Tupac Shakur music that might see the light of day soon. 

An episode of Collect Call With Suge Knight, released Tuesday, revealed Williams has music from the beloved rapper that he’s planning to use for a posthumous album, which will include Cardi B, among others. 

“What you got going on with some of those un-releases with Pac, s***, you got me excited,” Knight said. “The different people you said you’re gonna put on there. I don’t wanna let the cat out the bag but it’s unbelievable.”

Williams said there will be eight guests on the project. “Only the best for the best,” he noted.

“I heard Cardi on the project with you. Is that true?” Knight asked. Williams responded, “Absolutely.”

“I always said she the female version,” Knight said. 

Williams added, “Everybody that’s on it is a piece of him, in a way.”

The two didn’t confirm any other album features or a release date, but considering the multiple reports that circulated the last few years about new music from Tupac, it’s possible Williams’ project could arrive soon.

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