Kanye West to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Live! post-presidential election

Grammy award-winning rapper and write-in presidential candidate Kanye West is set to appear on the first episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live! following the 2020 presidential election.

West, who is running for president under his newly formed Birthday Party, has battled with quite a bit of backlash over the past few months since announcing his bid for the presidency.

Since its launch in July, West’s presidential campaign has been full of hiccups including failing to meet some of the deadlines and requirements to be placed on the ballots in certain states. 

Last month, the rapper launched his first campaign video, where he urged voters to write his name on the ballot. 

“America. What is America’s destiny? What is best for our nation? Our people? What is just? True justice?” Kanye asked. “We have to think about all these things together as a people. To contemplate our future, to live up to our dream, we must have vision.”

“We as a people will revive our nation’s commitment to faith, to what our Constitution calls the free exercise of religion, including, of course, prayer,” he continued. “Through prayer, faith can be restored.”

West’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! airs Wednesday, November 4 at 11:35 p.m. EST on ABC.

By Rachel George
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