Kanye West reportedly petitions city of Rye, NY to drop the “R” and rename it “Ye”

You can’t make this stuff up.  Kanye West has reportedly filed paperwork to have the City of Rye, New York drop the “R” in its name and rebrand it as “Ye.”

The hip-hop mogul “wants to move East for a while. Kanye isn’t into L.A.’s fakeness right now… people are so quick to judge him and he’s a really sensitive dude,” a source tells The Rye Record.

“He wants to live somewhere that people don’t care about material goods,” the source continues.  “Somewhere that’s not all about fancy cars and keeping up with the Joneses.  And Rye is the low-key, down to earth place where he feels comfortable right now.”

West has reportedly been seen in the company of local realtors scouting properties, according to the newspaper. His plan is to turn one of the properties into his home, another into a “music studio/creative think-tank,” and the third into a church to hold his famed Sunday Services.

He’s also said to have spoken with religious leaders of all faiths about an “inclusive experience that will draw crowds from across the state.”

As an added incentive, West has reportedly offered to dedicate 10% of his wealth — estimated at $1,000,000,000 by Forbes — to erase both the City and School bond debt in full.

In return, Kanye is asking for the town to drop the “R” from its name.

“You’d have to be insane not to take that kind of money to just drop a letter, right?” he is rumored to have asked his team of agents, according to the Record.

“Change the Name of Rye to Ye” petition, which states, “if we name the town from rye to ye kanye comes. that’s a good thing” has collected 648 supporters as of Thursday night.

By George Costantino
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