Kanye West apologizes to Soulja Boy for leaving verse off of Donda, “I should have told you”

It looks like Kanye West and Soulja Boy are officially back on good terms — at least for now.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday, the Yeezy founder shared a screenshot of a brief text conversation, where he seemed to apologize to Soulja for leaving him off of his album. 

“Yo it’s Ye. Love you bro. I should have told you I wasn’t gonna use the verse,” Ye admitted. Soulja responded, “Love you too bro. That’s all I wanted.” The post has since been deleted. 

The beef originally started in August, when Ye’s highly anticipated album Donda was released and Soulja’s verse was nowhere to be found. The 31-year-old rapper apparently was supposed to be featured on “Remote Control.”  After finding out the news, Soulja went on a Twitter rant, slinging insults and other verbal jabs at the Chicago native. 

Fast forward to last week, Soulja’s rage was reignited when Ye appeared on the Drink Champs podcast and said that the reason the verse was left off was because it wasn’t good enough. 

“Yo album was trash,” Soulja fired back during a livestream over the weekend. “You said my verses wasn’t hard,” he continued. “Just ’cause it’s your album don’t mean you get to pick what’s hard. Put it out and let the people decide.”

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