Justin Bieber reteams with Ludacris & Usher for “Peaches” remix…and Snoop’s along for the ride

Justin Bieber‘s number-one hit “Peaches” already featured two artists — Giveon and Daniel Caesar — but now he’s released a new remix that features three completely different stars.

Since “Peaches” mentions Georgia, it makes sense that JB would tap two of Atlanta’s biggest musical names — Ludacris and Usher — for the remix. But it helps that both are old pals of his.

Ludacris, of course, appeared on Justin’s signature song, “Baby,” as well as his song “All Around the World.”  As for Usher, he and Scooter Braun were the ones who signed Justin at the beginning of his career, and Usher also arranged the audition that landed Justin his record deal.

And since “Peaches” also mentions getting weed from California, Justin asked Snoop Dogg to join the party as well.

Snoop raps, “I’m like, ‘JB, where you been?’/This a knockout, nothin’ but the heavyweight/Everywhere I go, California weed, state to state.”

Surprisingly, Ludacris and Snoop keep things pretty clean — the only one who actually uses profanity on the remix is Justin himself.

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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