John Legend launches new program to fight economic inequality across America

John Legend is continuing his fight to uplift those in need with a program to assist communities disproportionately impacted by institutionalized racism called HumanLevel. This new initiative will work with government officials and community members in various cities to create projects that address immediate needs.

“Local governments have invited us to work on specific projects to make their communities stronger and more equitable,” says the EGOT winner in a statement

The Voice coach will place executive fellows in Atlanta; Austin, Texas; Birmingham, Alabama; Durham, North Carolina; Houston; Los Angeles; Milwaukee; New Orleans; Oakland, California; Pittsburgh; and Washington, D.C. — cities and counties that collectively represent over 20 million people. These fellows will work with local communities to improve employment, housing, education, health, and the criminal justice system.

“Many of the problems our country faces today are difficult to address at the federal level,” Legend notes. “Many issues are really at the doorstep of your mayor, your county council, and your community leaders coming together to answer questions about how we can support each other, keep each other safe, and rebuild our country in a way that truly includes everyone.”

HumanLevel follows Legend’s FreeAmerica organization, which aims to end mass incarceration.

“Our goal with this partnership is to take a deeper look at the issues from a human level, with a focus on actions city leaders can take to tackle systemic racism,” the “All of Me” singer adds. “No single solution will fix the racial and ethnic disparities we see across issues — from housing to education to the workforce — but we must approach this work with a sense of collaboration and urge

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