John David Washington stars in Netflix’s ‘Beckett,’ Spike Lee to direct, star in NBA finals openers, & more

The first trailer for the Netflix film Beckett dropped Thursday, starring John David Washington as an American tourist on vacation with his girlfriend in Greece.

After a car crash, Washington awakens in the hospital with a vague memory of what happened, and people following him closely.

“I know you’re scared, I get it,” says an official. “But you don’t have the whole picture.”

“Then who’s after me?” replies Washington.

Other scenes find Washington running through town, desperate for someone to help him get to the American Embassy to clear his name before assassins find him. Beckett arrives at Netflix on August 13, starring Boyd Holbrook, Vicky Krieps, and Alicia Vikander.

Meanwhile, Variety has learned that ESPN tapped Spike Lee to direct and star in the 2021 NBA Finals Openers, which debut next week on ABC. Each two-minute episode from the Oscar-winning filmmaker, which will open each NBA Finals game, will feature video footage and images of past and present NBA legends who made their mark playing in the championship games, with Lee also appearing in each episode.

And last but not least, rapper Young Thug is next to join the film industry after being cast in the upcoming musical dramedy, Throw It Back. According to Deadline, the rapper will make his acting debut in the film and executive-produce and supervise its soundtrack of Southern hip-hop and HBCU band anthems.

In Throw It Back, Shahadi Wright Joseph will play Wytrell, a high school senior battling for a spot on a renowned dance team, after Thugger, who plays a Miami rapper, decides to feature the team in his next music video.

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