John Boyega explains why it was “really exciting” to play a “nuanced” Leroy Logan in ‘Red, White and Blue’

Star Wars actor John Boyega took another step into uncharted territory by playing officer Leroy Logan in the Steve McQueen Small Axe anthology series film Red, White and Blue. 

Based on the true story of Logan, a young forensic scientist who decides to join the police force, the film follows Boyega’s character as he fights against racism within his department. Boyega tells ABC Audio that he jumped at the opportunity to play Logan after learning that McQueen would be personally involved. 

“I think Steve was the number one thing that attracted me to this,” Boyega says. “I was like, ‘Yeah, this is really exciting.’ The prospect of playing Leroy Logan, such a nuanced guy, a character that I haven’t embodied before, would be quite the experience. So I just took the opportunity with both my hands knowing that this would lead to something quite cool.”

While working with McQueen was a “major” draw for Boyega, the actor admits exploring his community’s complex relationship with police was also of interest. 

“There are definitely some differences… when you look back [at] how things were back in the day,” he says. “But I can’t put my own limited perspective on my experience with the police — it has been quite mixed.”

“Some of them have been [butt]heads and some of them have been alright,” he explains. “And in that complication, that’s something Steve is trying to explore. The guy that comes from our community and goes in and tries to change it from the inside out.”

Even though Boyega acknowledges many people still aren’t “happy” with the current reforms, he believes there’s still a chance for change. 

“But the change, I think, like with anything, it’s a slow burn,” he adds.

Red, White and Blue is now available on Amazon Prime.

By Candice Williams
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