Joe Morton calls for unity with his new inspiring track “Wake Up America”

Actor and former Scandal star Joe Morton is using his star power and amazing songwriting ability to help inspire his fellow Americans during a tense time in the country.

In his new upbeat track and lyric music video “Wake Up America,” created with his longtime friend, producer/songwriter Kenny Lehman, Morton asks for people to unify and reject conversations that divide. Morton tells ABC Audio that he hopes his song reminds us that we can come together despite our differences.

“I personally believe that there might be some things that we can change,” he says.

Morton says it’s the need for those changes, whether political or social, that drives him and other celebrities to use their platforms to speak out.

“When I was growing up as an actor, there were people like Ossie Davis and Ruby Dee, who belong to collectives, who were all about activism,” he says. “Harry Belafonte was always out there. Sidney Poitier sometimes. But, the point is that they would come together to have their voices heard in whatever way that they thought was necessary.”

“And I think the same thing is true with me,” Morton continues. “And I know that a lot of my Scandal cast are all doing the same thing.”

Using his celebrity reach and his talent as a lyrist, Morton believes his new song is the perfect tool for a much-needed conversation about unity.

“I think we believe, maybe because we have the voices that we have, that will be listened to, we hope,” he says. “And that at least… begins to open a conversation.”

Morton’s “Wake Up America” is now available on YouTube and on streaming platforms.

By Candice Williams
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