Jazmine Sullivan shares encouraging update about her mom’s battle with breast cancer

Last May, Jazmine Sullivan revealed her mother’s two-year battle with inflammatory breast cancer and described accompanying her to “chemo treatments and hospital visits.”

On Saturday, the R&B singer took shared an update about her mom, Pam, who received her last and final chemo treatment. 

“Today is my mom’s final day of chemo! This is a huge milestone!” tweeted Sullivan. “Of all the blessings that are pouring in right now…that is the only thing that matters to me!! I’m in tears and in awe of God’s grace n mercy! Anyone going through breast cancer please know. I’m praying for you!”

“I didn’t know whether to share this or not… but this is my heart!” Sullivan continued in a caption on Instagram, where she shared the tweet. “For anyone who’s sent me messages asking about how she’s doing…we’re doing great! Still in the fight but not where we used to be. All cancers are a journey but I feel in my heart we’re on the otherside! Prayers for everybody in whatever stage you’re in. Ur not alone!”

In other exciting news, Jazmine hinted at creating a short film named after her new album Heauxtaleswith Insecure creator Issa Rae.

“What I would love is if me and @issarae did a Heauxtales short film and I’d add a few extra songs. But I could be just dreaming. Nevermind me…I’m crazy,” tweeted Sullivan. 

But no idea is ever too crazy for Issa Rae, who responded, “Jazmine. Say the [eff] less.”

By Rachel George
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