Jazmine Sullivan connects with H.E.R. for her new song, “Girl Like Me”

R&B powerhouse vocalists Jazmine Sullivan and H.E.R. have teamed up for Sullivan’s new anthem, “Girl Like Me.”

Guitar virtuoso H.E.R. adds her soothing vocals on the Bongo ByTheWay-produced track to support Sullivan’s sobering thoughts about changing her appearance after a man leaves her for someone else.

“Knew it was real when you blocked me / Now I sit at home judgin’ my body / Wondering what I did to lose you / Why in the hell you ain’t choose me? / Why you don’t love me no more? / I don’t even know what for,” Sullivan sings. 

Meanwhile, H.E.R. questions whether being a good girl is even worth the time and effort if the man seeks satisfaction elsewhere. 

“Yeah, you gon’ make me a gold digger / Maybe I should look like a stripper / Wearin’ Fashion Nova dresses / All these dudes be so pressed and impressed with it / You leave me with no choice / I can’t do this good girl [ish] no more,” she sings.

Fans have been enjoying the rollout of Sullivan’s forthcoming album, Heaux Tales, led by her singles, “Lost One” and “Pick Up Your Feelings.” According to a video trailer, the album will touch on insecurity, empowerment, lust, loss and desire from a woman’s perspective.

“The thing is [guys] cannot handle if a woman takes the same liberties as them, especially with regards to sex,” says Sullivan. “Our society teaches them to be so wrapped up in themselves and their own conquests that they forget we’re sexual beings as well. Plus their egos are often way too fragile to handle a woman who owns and has any real agency over her body.”

Heaux Tales arrives Friday, January 8th.

By Rachel George
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