Jamie Foxx says being in Pixar’s ‘Soul’ convinced his daughters that he “finally made it”

Jamie Foxx plays the lead in the new Disney/Pixar movie Soul, the first Black man to play the lead in a Pixar film.  In a chat with ABC’s Popcorn with Peter Travers, the Oscar-winner joked he’s, “got the whole Black race on [his] back” with the project.

“I’m carrying them, baby!” Foxx declared.  But on a more serious note, the importance of the opportunity wasn’t lost on him.

“You know what, it’s great,” he said. “It’s great to have things like this, man. And if you think about what we’ve gone through this past year you know … humanity needs a shot in the arm of soul, and goodness and happiness and smiles…” 

In Soul, Foxx plays a middle school music teacher who, after an accident, must find the music in him — as well as find his way back from the afterlife.

Foxx said the landmark role is a “reminder that we live in a place, especially in America, that is full freedoms that in other places of the world we just don’t have. And so, you know, to be able to have something like this, and to be able to be an African American, Black man, who’s you know owning, donning [sic] the first Pixar film, we welcome it!”

He adds, “It’s wonderful that Pixar is doing this, and I accept that honor.”

The role had other perks, too, Foxx joked to Travers. “Both of my daughters said, ‘Dad, you finally made it."”

Jamie explained, “Especially my younger daughter [Annalise, who’s 11], she didn’t get a chance to witness all the things I’d done 25, 30 years ago. So for her, this was a big big thing.”

Soul debuts on Disney+ on Christmas Day

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By Stephen Iervolino
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