Here’s what’s up with Monica and her longtime beau C-Murder

Monica says she and her on-again, off-again partner C-Murder are officially no longer an item. 

She revealed the news by way of an Instagram response to a fan who inquired about their relationship.

“Anthony?” the user wrote, questioning a post that featured Monica and her apparent new flame. “Where C Murder at,” they said.

Writing that she hasn’t mentioned C-Murder in two years, Monica asked if fans could follow her lead, and forget about them as a couple, just as they did when in support of their union. 

“Here it is in short,” she started in an explanation about why they separated. “I got my heartbroken (again) and that’s ok! I learned yet another valuable lesson.”

Monica added of the split, “I went through it, got over it, now I can laugh about it!” 

The R&B singer’s relationship with the rapper, born Corey Miller, dates back to the late ’90s when they reportedly met not long after her career took off; they then dated for some time.

After ending her marriage to professional basketball player Shannon Brown in 2019, Monica surfaced on the internet in a photo taken at a prison facility alongside C-Murder, who’s currently serving a life sentence for murder.

“Life continues,” she said. “I feel great that through it he has representation to one day be free! Let’s move forward.”

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