Here’s what’s left on Jekalyn Carr’s career bucket list

Over the course of Jekalyn Carr‘s young gospel career, she’s achieved a lot. 

At the age of just 15, her breakthrough first single, “Greater Is Coming,” debuted on top of Billboard’s Gospel chart. She earned her first Stellar Award at 16, became one of the first gospel artists inducted into the Women’s Songwriters Hall of Fame and, in 2022, received a Lifetime Achievement Award from President Joe Biden

So when asked by ABC Audio what’s next on her list of musical achievements, Carr’s answer is quite simple: She’ll take up anything that’s in line with God’s plan for her life. 

“Honestly, with every aspect of my life, I’m pretty much open,” she says. “Just as long as it’s where I’m supposed to be [and] what I’m supposed to be doing.”

The 26-year-old singer says she’s hopeful about breaking into other creative industries.

“Fashion is definitely something that I want to continue to thrive in,” she says. “Beauty, because I have my own beauty company and just all those things.”

The moral of the story when it comes to Carr’s career bucket list: “Every gift, I want to make sure that I’m using it. I don’t want to waste any greatness.”

As for all of the success she’s acquired, Carr says that while she had faith, she had no idea her career would be so fulfilling. 

She notes, “I knew God would use me to do great things but I didn’t know it would be to this capacity.”

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