Halle Bailey hits back at fan who shaded sister, Chloe Bailey: “Be blessed”

Don’t come for Chloe Bailey, because if you do, her sister Halle will come for you — A fact one Twitter user learned the hard way. 

On Monday, a social media user decided to share their opinion on Chloe’s looks, tweeting, “I feel like Chloe Bailey is cute but y’all be overhyping shawty.”

The shady commentary clearly didn’t fly with the singer’s sister, and other half of the R&B duo Chloe x Halle, because she hit back with a warning.

In a retweet on Tuesday, Halle, 21, said, “girl let’s not start,” followed by eight halo emojis and seven emojis of a face with a finger over their lips issuing a “shhh.” 

She added, “Be blessed!! God loves you too!!!” 

As for what Chloe, 23, had to say about the whole thing, she actually responded to the comment on Monday, before Halle, giving a one word reply: “Agreed.”

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