H.E.R. kicks off inspirational “Make Music” campaign to lift up independent musicians

With COVID-19 decimating the entertainment industry by forcing the closure of countless venues, independent artists trying to make a name for themselves were left in the lurch.

In order to encourage independent artists to not give up on their passion, Guitar Center is partnering with 25 influential and groundbreaking musicians for the “Make Music” campaign.

The months-long campaign, which kicked off Thursday with the help of Grammy Award winner H.E.R., invites guests to not only share their wisdom, but also openly discuss why they chose a career in music.

As for why H.E.R. was so eager to join this inspirational campaign, which runs through December 24 on Guitar Center’s YouTube page, she says, “Music is everything and it’s a language everybody speaks.  It makes you want to laugh.  It makes you want to cry, fall in love or dance.”

Singing and playing instruments is also her blood, as the “Hard Place” artist who grew up with a guitar always beside her bedside revealing, “Since I was a little girl, music has been an outlet for me.  It’s kind of been my escape.”

“Growing up my dad had a cover band when I was a little girl, and they would rehearse in our living room,” she happily shared before nodding to the people who not only inspired her career, but who helped pave the way for her. “Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Mayer and Prince. I remember my dad would cook breakfast for me and there would be a video of Prince and Lenny Kravitz jamming. And it made me want to be a rock star.”

Guitar Center is also seeking testimonials from other artists for their campaign, no matter their background.  Those interested are invited to share their story via the hashtag #WhyWeMakeMusic.

By Megan Stone
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