Grammys 2024: Killer Mike arrested for battery after three Grammy wins, will be released

Rapper Killer Mike was arrested and escorted out of the 2024 Grammys at the Arena Sunday night. 

ABC News learned from the Los Angeles Police Department that the rapper, 48, was detained and handcuffed for a physical altercation that occurred close to the area where the awards were held. He was booked for misdemeanor battery and, as of late Sunday night, was in the process of being released.  

Killer Mike, born Michael Render, was arrested around 4 p.m. PT, after he had won three Grammys at the Premiere Ceremony, the preshow that took place ahead of the 66th annual show. He swept in the rap categories, winning Best Rap Album for Michael, and Rap Song and Rap Performance for “Scientist & Engineers.”

He told reporters after winning his trophies, “It feels absolutely grand, and I want to encourage people out there that are chasing their dream: If it feels like you’re slow, or if it feels like some other people are reaching the finish line first or ahead of you, don’t worry. Just keep running your race.”

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