Grammys 2021: Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion go all out for first ever TV performance of “WAP”

Fresh off her first Grammy wins for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance, Megan Thee Stallion enjoyed another first at the prestigious award show.  She teamed with collaborator Cardi B for the first-ever televised performance of their summer smash “WAP.”

Cardi, who collected the Grammy for Best Rap Album in 2019, returned triumphant to the stage to applaud Meg on her wins.

The 28-year-old rapper — dressed in a metallic pink bikini — started off the performance pole dancing on a giant clear-heeled stiletto.

Of course, the two could not sing the full name of the song, but they made sure through their body movements showed what the single was celebrating — especially when the two began writhing around on a super-sized bed.

The two tangled on the jumbo bed, locking knees and acrobatically tumbled over each other without a hitch.

Prior to their seductive performance, Meg took the stage to perform her Grammy winning “Savage,” which she revealed in the seconds leading to her big Grammy debut was her “confidence anthem.”

“I’m describing myself and how every other person should feel,” she added of the single’s pointed lyrics.

Needless to say, the glittery gold stage didn’t stand a chance, especially when Cardi took over to perform her new single “Up,” which is cut from the same confident cloth.

Shortly after the performance, Megan and Beyonce won best rap song for their “Savage” remix. 

By Megan Stone
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