Fans in Brazil fail Beyoncé’s mute challenge thanks to her surprise appearance

The roaring crowd that had just watched Beyoncé‘s Renaissance concert film in Brazil failed terribly at her viral mute challenge.

That’s because Queen Bey herself surprised fans with an appearance at a post-screening Renaissance event after the Salvador, Bahia, premiere on Thursday, December 21. The audience was so shocked that they just couldn’t contain their excitement. 

In fan-shared video circulating the internet, Beyoncé is seen draped in an shimmery silver ensemble with a matching headpiece, walking slowly towards the crowd amidst nonstop yelling and shouting. 

After two failed attempts at the mute challenge, where the audience is supposed to be dead silent, Beyoncé playfully chuckled at all the noise. She continued to take in the love from fans. 

“I came because I love you so much,” she said. “It was very important to be here in Bahia.”

She added, “Thank you for all the support, for so many years. There’s nobody like y’all.”

Bey later took to Instagram to share photos of the special moment and close-up shots of her shiny sequin dress. 

Earlier in the week, the singer addressed the BeyHive, who she says crashed her website with hopes there would be more Renaissance-related news, such as new music or tour dates. In a video trailer, Beyoncé revealed she was simply announcing the international theater expansion of Renaissance: A Film by Beyoncé.

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