Fans gush over Missy Elliott’s mom after image circulates amid Rock & Roll HOF Induction

Missy Elliott‘s mom seems to have been drinking from the fountain of youth. 

After the newly inducted Rock & Roll Hall of Famer treated the internet to rare images of her mother, Patricia Elliott, fans were stunned by her youthful appearance and beauty. 

Missy, who became the first female rapper inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, unveiled not one but two selfies of her mother, who smiled and posed for the camera during this year’s Hall of Fame festivities.   

“Fun fact,” Missy tweeted, reiterating the surprising news that her mother never seen her perform live. “I said Lord she gonna gag hearing some of these songs.”

Missy said that she couldn’t have her mom miss her induction ceremony, where fellow rapper Queen Latifah presented her the honor on November 3, so she invited her — but did so with a cautionary message: “I said momma close ya ears when I say sumn crazy.”

The thousands of complimentary messages poured in. “Mom?! She looks like your sister!! She’s a beautiful lady,” one user wrote

“So this is where you get all of that beauty from!!! Wowww your mother is STUNNING!” another said.

“Excuse me? Your what??? Black people really age like wine & I’m just happy to be apart of it,” another commented.

One fan, who, too, pointed out the “beautiful” picture of Patricia, also noted how “proud of her babygirl” Missy’s mother might be, adding of the lyrics the rapper was always hesitant to let her mom hear — she most likely could “careless what you said.” 

Missy revealed her mom never watched her perform live in a conversation with Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts. She also disclosed she’s “super shy” and that throughout her decades-long hip-hop career, “nobody has ever heard me record before.”

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