Eric Benét discusses expanding his creative prowess into filmmaking

Fans loved Eric Benét‘s virtual meet-up session with Tamia to sing their duet, “Spend My Life With You” on Instagram Live last year. 

After months of staying indoors and honing in on his creative skills, Eric tells ABC Audio his passions are being used outside of music at the moment. 

“From day one in my creative journey, I’ve always wanted to have more branches of that creative tree represented, not just music, not just writing, but acting and film production and one day even directing, if I even dare say it,” says Benét.

He said he “creatively…exploded” once the COVID-19 pandemic began last year and he “couldn’t get on that plane anymore and do those gigs,” as most creatives do.

“One of the things that I’ve always wanted to do was get more into screenwriting, film production,” he adds. 

These days, Benét is using his filmmaking skills to create short films with his longtime director and creative partner Devon Hampton. Benét said the duo are currently in the process of editing two films, including Snap, and planning to shoot Legend — the film they wrote together — this summer.

“I think that’s going to be the best place for me to write music and get creative musically. And not to say that I’m not going to put another Eric Benét out there just for the sake of doing an album. But I don’t know,” he continues. “I want my music to be attached to something that’s deeper and more meaningful for me. And I am really passionate about film production right now. So I hope those two creative vehicles work really well for me from here on out.” 

By Rachel George
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