Eric Bellinger sings for love and your votes on ‘Eric B for President: Term 3’

R&B singer Eric Bellinger returns with his second album this year, Eric B for President: Term 3.

After an outpouring of support on April’s Optimal Music, the Grammy-nominated songwriter returns with a nine-track follow-up to Term 1 and Term 2 of the album series he started in 2016. 

“I truly have the best fans and they’ve been asking for a Term 3 so it was only right to give it to them at the same time,” says Bellinger in a press release.

Term 3 highlights his signature songwriting skills and smooth vocals, while also revealing the real-life love story between him and his “First Lady.”

Over the past few months, Bellinger worked with his creative content director Jack Lumetri to turn each song into a visual album, with his wife La’Miya Good-Bellinger playing the lead in each video. 

Eric Bellinger hopes Term 3 will push fans to vote in the presidential election on November 3rd. 

I’m “doing my part by using my platform to remind people to VOTE!” he continued. “I put VOTE in huge letters on all of the album’s artwork as a way to encourage listeners to get out there and hit the polls.”

“With the presidential elections underway, I felt it was a great time to piggy back and start my own campaign,” says Bellinger.

Eric B for President: Term 3 is out now. 

By Rachel George
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