Drake releases son Adonis’ “My Man Freestyle” to celebrate his 6th birthday

Watch out, music world — Drake‘s son might just be the next best thing in rap. 

In celebration of Adonis‘ birthday on October 11, Drake unveiled “My Man Freestyle,” the six-year-old’s first publicly-released song. 

After previewing the track on his new album, For All the Dogs, Drake released the full, close to 4-minute-long single that sees Adonis breaking down his sort of busy lifestyle. 

“I was waiting for this moment to arrive, I was driving in the car and I mash my car / I was playing on my iPad and I broke my iPad, I am going to my house, see my dad / I am saying hi to my dad and I have to go change, I’m playing basketball,” he raps. 

The young rapper is also the star of an accompanying music video that sees him leading a basketball team full of other young players, being the center of attention during an OVO Athletic Centre press conference, lifting weights and more.

His dad makes an appearance, only a few times throughout the visual, to co-sign his son’s lyrics.  

“Happy birthday my son,” Drake wrote next to his Instagram teaser of the song and video. 

Drake will soon celebrate his own birthday: He turns 37 on October 24.

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