Donald Glover to release two Childish Gambino albums

Donald Glover joined Tyler, the Creator onstage during his headlining set at Coachella, but apparently that was a tease of what’s to come. Following his appearance, he hosted a Gilga Radio stream on Instagram Live, in which he revealed he has two Childish Gambino albums on the way.

The first will be Atavista, an updated version of 3.15.20, an album he released during the pandemic that seemed to go under the radar.

“We put it out quickly, I didn’t master or mix it, I just kind of put it out. I was going through a lot, n***** thought everybody was going to die because it was the pandemic,” he said. “We put it out, we finished it, it’s Atavista, we’re putting that out.”

The second, inspired by Prince‘s soundtracks for Batman and Batman Forever, will soundtrack Donald’s movie Bando and will mark “the final Childish Gambino album.” The name of that album will be Bando Storm and the New World.

Also on the way is the music video for “Little Foot Big Foot,” directed by Hiro Murai, which will come out in “the next couple weeks.” The release dates for the single and two records have not yet been announced.


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