Don Toliver launches new video game, Hardstone

Don Toliver is not only a musician, he’s also a game enthusiast. He recently launched a Fortnite video game titled Hardstone, which allows fans to engage with his music as they “immerse themselves in the universe that inspired it.”

In the game, players break up into teams of eight, “fight for control of Psycho Valley” and attempt to “capture key locations throughout the map.” It also features music from Don’s new album, Hardstone Psycho.

“I’ve been playing Fortnite for years, so this is a huge moment for me to bring my world into the game,” Don Toliver says in a statement. “This is a next-level creative moment in my career and it’s crazy that my fans will actually get to experience Psycho Valley and music from my new album this way.”

Hardstone, found after searching “Hardstone” on Fortnite’s main menu, is free to play starting June 10. 

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