Don Cheadle shares “the fun” in being a part of Steven Soderbergh’s twisty noir crime drama ‘No Sudden Move’

Don Cheadle loved the challenge of his latest film, the twisty noir crime drama No Sudden Move.

In the Steven Soderbergh-directed movie, Cheadle plays Curt Goynes, a small-time criminal hired to steal a document with two other petty thieves. However, their so-called simple theft turns complicated when other individuals become interested in taking the document for themselves.

“I think that’s part of the fun of it,” Cheadle tells ABC Audio. “That you don’t really know who’s after what and why, and what they’re really trying to do. And you know that they’ll throw anybody under the bus to get what they want.”

Cheadle, who considers himself the film’s “intended…protagonist,” says having an unclear plot mixed with a real-life conspiracy made the period drama that much better.

“I like movies with characters that are not all good and not all bad and that we can have these heroes that you’re not sure about,” he says. “I think that’s what makes it fun, that you’re a part of the film. It’s not just mapped out… And you don’t have to do any work. An audience has to kind of be a part of this movie.”

Cheadle also reveals that it was working with the late actor and spoken-word poet Craig “MuMs” Grant on the film that made the project most memorable.

“MuMs is great dude.. and a lot of fun to work with,” Cheadle says of the actor, who died in March. “I hadn’t worked with him before [but] had met him many, many years ago. And it was a kind of reunion. And I was saddened, as everyone was, when we heard the news of his passing.”

No Sudden Move hits theaters July 1.

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