Dionne Warwick pitches biopic to Netflix and reveals who she’d want to portray her

Dionne Warwick is ready to tell her life story on the small screen. 

On Wednesday, the the legendary singer took to social media to ask fans and pitch the idea of turning her life story into a series. 

In a video shared to Twitter, Warwick asked viewers to honestly answer, “If I did a series, would you guys really watch?”

In the caption, she included her choice for who she would want to portray her in the series, as well as what streaming service she’s seeking to help her get the job done. 

“This is a case for @netflix,” the 71-year-old declared. “Please don’t ask who I would cast to play me as it would obviously be [Teyana Taylor]

It seems both Taylor and Netflix are on board with idea because they both responded positively to the tweet. 

While Taylor replied with a series of praise-hand emojis, the streaming service wrote that they were taking notes, to which Warwick replied, “I’ll call ya!”

Warwick has recently taken Twitter by storm thanks to her amusing commentary. 

She went viral in early December after she poked fun at both Chance The Rapper and The Weekndover their stage names. Her initial inquiries into their monikers has since parlayed into the trio banning together to create a track to support charity. 

By Danielle Long
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