Did Mariah Carey exit Jay-Z’s Roc Nation following “explosive meeting”?

According to a report, Mariah Carey has severed her ties with Jay-Z and quit the rapper’s agency, Roc Nation.

British tabloid The Sun spoke with an insider that claims the two multi-Grammy winners, who collaborated on the 1999 hit “Heartbreaker,” had an intense falling out after a disastrous get-together.

“Mariah and Jay had an explosive meeting which did not go well at all,” the source said. “She has made it clear she wants nothing more to do with him and has called it quits with Roc Nation.”

The Glitter star had been represented by Roc Nation since 2017.

The insider continued, “She will formally depart in the next few weeks. It is a shame because they had done some great work in the last few years. But this meeting couldn’t have gone much worse.”

Mariah and Hova have been friends for over two decades, but they apparently didn’t see eye-to-eye over her career’s future.

It is unknown what the two discussed in the doomed meeting, but the source hinted it could be related to the songstress’s “heavily R&B- influenced album” which is in the works.  

The insider also claimed “She is planning a world tour for next year, so she isn’t letting this stand in her way.”

Mariah’s name has vanished from Roc Nation’s website and the insider claimed the “Fantasy” singer is in the process of securing a new management company.

“Mariah has been talking to other managers and thinks she has found someone who she feels has full belief in her as she takes her next steps,” the insider dished.

Neither artist has commented or confirmed the report so far.

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