Deniece Williams says her single “When You Love Somebody” was a “godsend”

Legendary songbird Deniece Williams says her new single, “When You Love Somebody,” was a “godsend.” She tells ABC Audio, “it was really an accident the way it happened.”

Williams recalled being in Los Angeles for meetings with her son, Kevin when he introduced her to his songwriter and producer friend from high school, Emile Ghantous, who at the time, was trying to make a name for himself in the music industry.

“[Kevin] said, ‘Let me go over here and talk to my boy and see if he’ll help us with [my] project,” she continued. “And so I went over to the meeting and I sat in the corner to let them have their meeting.”

“After the meeting, [Emile] said, ‘Miss Williams, you know how much I love you, I’ve loved you for years.’ He said, ‘I always wanted to write with you.’ He said, ‘Do you mind if I play you a couple of tracks? And if you hear anything maybe we can write something."”

She was truly impressed with the second song Emile played as she started to sing the lyrics, “When you love somebody….and you dance, and you dance and you dance.” “Next thing I know, we’d [written] a song,” Williams added.

She said she held onto the song for about two months, before playing at a family event, where people could not stop dancing.

“I put the song on and everybody started dancing,” she continues. “So I called Emile. I said, ‘Well, maybe we have something.’ So I said, ‘Well, let’s put it out and see what happens.’ And here we are.” 

“When You Love Somebody” will be on Deniece Williams’ forthcoming album, Gemini.

By Rachel George
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