Deborah Cox shares how she spent her Canadian Thanksgiving

Deborah Cox may have already celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday in Canada last month, but she says she used the opportunity to show off her newly-learned cooking skills. 

She tells ABC Audio, “There’s an art to all of this, which is also very therapeutic…to just put the right amount of seasonings. There’s something very therapeutic about cooking and very artsy as well, and I love it.”

The Canadian singer mentioned she’s been “exploring the culinary world” over the last few months, and indulging in different dishes, catered towards her family’s Caribbean background. But she says cooking definitely comes with “a learning curve.”

“I don’t cook a lot but I’ve been cooking a lot lately about two to three meals a day, which is unheard of,” Cox jokes. “But I’ve been getting very experimental with a lot of things. So it’s been kind of fun.” 

Cooking is one of the many skills Cox picked up during the last few months of the pandemic, along with her growing green thumb. 

“The gardening thing has been really fun. I’ve learned so much about myself and how impatient I am,” says Cox, who recently started growing fresh produce and vegetables in her home garden.

Overall, she says she’s grateful for this pandemic “pause,” which has allowed her to reconnect and spend more time with her family. 

“I’m thankful for the pause and finding other ways to stay interested,’ she adds. “I’m finding other ways to stay connected and finding other ways to do things with my family.” 

By Rachel George
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