Deborah Cox dishes on her career-changing single “Nobody’s Supposed To Be Here”

This year, Deborah Cox‘s “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here” became a viral vocal challenge on social media.

The Canadian singer tells ABC Audio she was “overwhelmed” by videos of Lizzo, Keke Palmer, Melanie Fiona and others singing her classic 1998 hit. 

“The way that people made it their own, the way people added harmonies and the way that they use the song to set the bar for themselves…something to reach to,” says Cox. “I think that’s what meant the most to me, is that they picked a song that I sang to be their talent show song…to be that song that really set the bar for vocal heights, if you will.”

This 2020 highlight has Cox considering collaborating with others “to step outside of the box, step outside the Zoom [calls] and reach out and connect with each other as artists [to] collaborate more and do different things, together.”

“I love the idea of that,” she continues. “I love that these challenges bring that kind of the artist community together to think about those kind of things. We’re going to be in this for for a while, so it’s time for us to find ways to network…and help support each other as we try to sift through and figure out what this is going to mean for us artists and creatives.”

As for “Nobody’s Supposed to Be Here,” Cox says she will “never get tired of singing” one of the many songs that “changed my life and changed the trajectory of my career.”

“I will never get tired of seeing the look in people’s faces [and how] their eyes light up when they hear the song or they hear a certain note hit,” she adds. “I just live for moments like that.”

By Rachel George
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