Ciara covers ‘Allure,’ talks hairstyling as an original passion

Before Ciara was singing and making hit dance tracks like “1, 2 Step” and “Jump,” she had her eyes set on a different occupation — becoming a hairstylist. 

The superstar entertainer opened up about her love of doing hair for Allure Magazine’s November issue

“You would’ve asked me what my job was going to be when I was this 8-year-old girl in Decatur, Georgia, and I would’ve told you I’m going to be doing hair,” she said.

The Atlanta native says it was her vision to own hair salons. “Hair was a big part of how we expressed in Georgia.”

Noting her roots in the South, Ciara says she takes great pride in where she comes from.

“There’s something in the water, as they would say. Even down from being a cheerleader growing up in the South. There’s so much sauce, so much character. The people. How we all talk. Sometimes, when I go home, it’s like speaking another language because of our Southern drawl. It’s different,” she adds. “You don’t really know it until you see it. It’s an energy.”

Her music career took off in 2004 with the success of “Goodies.” Now, more than 18 years since its release, the singer is working on her seventh album, one she feels is similar to her first. 

“It’s a lot of bass,” Ciara said of the upcoming project. “There’s a strong R&B core, which is also really fun.”

While expected sometime soon, Ciara has yet to reveal the album name or release date. 

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