Chrisette Michelle congratulates Biden, says she never supported Trump

Chrisette Michelle is congratulating Joe Biden on his projected presidential victory, nearly four years after she performed for Donald Trump’s inauguration.

The Grammy winner’s career took a nosedive after she sang at one of Trump’s inaugural balls in January 2017. Since then she admits some of her fans felt betrayed, and work became scarce as concert promoters avoided booking her. Michelle continues to say that even though she accepted the inauguration invitation, she did not support Trump.

“I know I’ve said it 1,000 times but I’ve never supported the darkness we saw in high places and I’m relieved it’s being forced away now,” the “Epiphany” singer wrote on Instagram.

“Today, I couldn’t help but sing. LOUD,” she continued. “Two brave people in the highest physical seat in America is a reason to celebrate. Biden & Harris are a reason to sing.”

But despite her praise of Biden and Harris, Michelle knows she will still be criticized for being linked with Donald Trump.

“I know people will still be unreasonable. I know people still can’t hear or listen,” she wrote.

“Go ahead. Have a blast in the comments. Just know that I know we’ve still got a ways to go before we stop breaking each other down.” Michelle added. “I’ve got peace on the inside… and maybe I’ll find, soon, a little more peace in my country. I’m hopeful today. We voted SPIRITS out of the air and instructed ANGELS in their place.”

Michelle emphasizes that “I still sing, I never stopped,” and now she’s expanding her career into fashion. She just announced she is partnering with the Pretty Pieces Fashion brand for a denim collection that will launch November 13 online on the Shop Pretty Pieces website.

By Ken Simmons
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