Chlöe Bailey shares what Chlöe x Halle has in store for the future

With Chlöe Bailey exploring a solo career and sister Halle Bailey starring in Disney’s upcoming live action The Little Mermaid, fans have been worrying if Chloe x Halle‘s days are numbered.

Chlöe, 23, sensed the mounting trepidation and assured her followers that neither she nor her sister have any intention of disbanding their musical partnership anytime soon.

“Just because we go off and do our own solo things doesn’t mean that we’re broken up,” she recently told Apple Music’s The Dotty Show.   “When sis went to London we didn’t break up! In that time we both had separation anxiety and I was like, ‘I miss my sis. What do I do? What do I do?"”

The “Have Mercy” singer explained a lot of good has come from pursuing separate projects.

“I didn’t really know who I was without my sister,” said Chlöe, adding she “had to do a lot of soul searching” during that initial separation so she could “figure out what’s my purpose.”

Says the Grammy-nominated artist, “I had to really find that [purpose,] and… Music has literally saved my life. I say that every time.” What she means by that, she said, is “I found myself in the music and it’s been very therapeutic for me.” 

Chlöe said she was “sitting on it and making music” while Halle was overseas, but because they “were apart for so long,” she thought to herself, “I can’t just have it sit on my hard drive… maybe it’s time.”

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