Cardi B takes credit for Candace Owens’ social media popularity: “I gave [her] two million followers”

Cardi B and Candace Owens public and political debate on social media was one of the biggest subjects during the 2020 election. In a new interview, Billboard‘s Woman of the Year honoree suggests she should get credit for bringing Owens millions of new followers. 

At the time, the two went back and forth over Cardi’s support for President-elect Joe Biden, Owens calling the “WAP” rapper “illiterate” during an interview and saying that her “music and platform” contributed to the “disintegration of Black culture and values.”

Cardi said public moments like these are why she sought alternative spaces to express her opinions, such as on the OnlyFans account she started this summer. 

“I got intrigued having a conversation with the people from OnlyFans,” Cardi told Billboard but staying away from sharing details about her deal with the popular streaming service. “When you actually sit with them and get charts and numbers, you see what the hype is about.”

“There are certain things that I want to get more personal on, and I don’t want to get on Instagram Live and talk about it because blogs are gonna chop it up,” Cardi added.

Cardi also said she’s not interested giving anyone “Clout” — even “certain people” she has a few choice words for.

“For example, when me and Candace Owens got into an argument, I gave [her] two million followers. I’d rather just go to my OnlyFans because it’s only my fans there,” Cardi continued. “If you a [hater] and you pay $4.99 to see me talk [mess], you not really someone that hates Cardi.”

She adds, “You a [fan] that really loves Cardi.”

By Rachel George
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