Cardi B shares her hilarious reaction after unexpected run-in with Robert Pattinson

Cardi B was the one who was sparkling after running into Twilight star Robert Pattinson over the weekend.  Apparently, the “Up” rapper is a big fan of Edward Cullen.

“Look who I met the other day ! I felt like a teen!,” Cardi raved when sharing a video of her losing her mind while hanging out with the British actor.

The two were both attending a black-tie event in Los Angeles, which Page Six reports was a celebration thrown in honor of British Vogue’s editor-in-chief.

“Come, look at my friend, guys,” Cardi announced when firing up the video before Pattinson swoops in and puts an arm around her.  

The Grammy-winning rapper than puts a hand against her chest and screams in delight as the star of the upcoming The Batman grins.

The first Twilight movie hit theaters in 2008, meaning Cardi would have been 16 when she first laid eyes on a young RPattz twinkling in the sunlight.

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