Cardi B says she’s too shy to ask for collaborations from male artists

Believe it or not, Cardi B is shy and, despite the many collaborations she has, she recently admitted that there are more that could have potentially happened but didn’t due to this trait. 

During an interview with Billboard, the 28-year-old rapper revealed,”The thing is, I’m shy and really shy to reach out to male artists, to be honest with you”

“That’s why a lot of collabs that I want, I haven’t gotten yet because I’m scared to reach out. I always get a little star-struck. I’ll be thinking I’m corny, even though I’m funny,” the “WAP” rapper said.

Asking for a collaboration isn’t the only thing Cardi is shy about. The Billboard Woman of the Year added that talking about her personal life also makes her clam up. 

“When it comes to me writing or putting ideas of my personal life in the music I get really shy,” she shared. “When I perform songs like ‘Be Careful’ or ‘Ring’ I usually close my eyes because I get really shy about showing that lovey-dovey side. Even to my engineer, I start giggling… like, ‘Oh my God, I can’t. This is so embarrassing.’”

One thing that the mother of one isn’t shy about, though, is standing up for justice.

“I don’t know if I’m an activist. I’m a Libra — we are the justice sign. I like fairness, and I have compassion toward everybody,” Cardi said.

“This is the type of person that I’ve always been,” she continued. “When I was a stripper, I posted the same [stuff] that I post now. I was doing marches in Harlem… I just want to be a person with a platform that believes in good.” 

By Danielle Long
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