Cardi B launches limited edition doll collection with Real Women Are

In honor of Women’s History Month, Cardi B makes another history making move with the launch of her adorable doll collection.

The “WAP” rapper originally shared the exciting news during her appearance on The 3rd Hour of Todayshow Friday morning. Cardi said she was inspired after shopping at stores and not finding dolls that looked like her or her two-year-old daughter, Kulture

The Cardi B dolls were inspired, created and designed by Cardi’s outspoken, unapologetic and confident personality, in partnership with Real Women Are, a minority-women owned and led doll brand. According to a press release, the doll will feature contemporary designs, as well as hair and make-up to reflect the latest beauty trends.

“As everyone knows, I’m a mom. And today, more than ever, it’s important to me to give my daughter inspiration and bada** women to look up to,” said Cardi. “Working with Real Women Are is a chance for me to provide my daughter and other little girls something that looks like them to play with to inspire them. We’re in the White House now, but we’re still so far behind in other places. Representation matters.”

To purchase the doll, customers must apply for the waiting list on the Real Women Are website, to receive the doll when it comes available in July. The waitlist will only be available for 72 hours and the company is already projecting the collection to “sell out really fast,” according to a video on the rapper’s Instagram

Cardi said she will continue releasing more dolls that look like her, as well as helping with other artists to release their own doll and receiving fan ideas for forthcoming dolls through an upcoming social media challenge. 

By Rachel George
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