Canadian cinematographer Jordan Oram explains how he manifested working with Drake

Jordan Oram has worked on music videos for Usher, Coldplay and others, and feature films such as Spiral, starring Chris Rock. Yet, the Canadian cinematographer says the video for Drake’s Grammy-winning single, “God’s Plan,” holds a special place in his heart.

“I mean, all of the projects that I’ve collaborated on have a special place in my heart because they came at a time where I was crafting my story, crafting my voice, and crafting my vision,” Oram tells Complex. “So independently, I think the most important one for me was ‘God’s Plan’ with Drake because it signified my relationship with my belief, as well as whatever I was dedicated to at the time.”

Oram adds that he manifested working with Drake almost a decade ago when he landed a collaboration in Toronto to work on a music release for Drizzy’s Take Care album. 

“And I remember having a micro conversation with him. And I said, ‘I’m going to shoot your music videos one day. I remember saying that,” Oram says. “And since then, it’s been beautiful to just remember those conversations with him, like, ‘Yo, do you remember when I was telling you like ten years ago that we were going to work together?” And then it happened.”

“And it happened with Miguel,” he says. “[It] hadn’t happened with Usher in quite the same way, but [I] definitely manifested a lot of the things that happened to fall into my ecosystem.”

Jordan Oram has also worked on other music videos, such Drake and Future‘s “Life Is Good,” Miguel’s “R.A.N.,” and Usher‘s “Don’t Waste My Time,” featuring Ella Mai.

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