Bun B testifies about 2019 home invasion

Bun B testified in court Thursday about the home invasion he and wife Queenie experienced in April 2019.

As ABC13 reports, the rapper, born Bernard Freeman, spoke for 20 minutes about the attempted robbery that “still affects our life.”

During his testimony, which took place as part of Demonte Jackson‘s sentencing hearing, Bun recalled the day the invasion occurred, noting Queenie had just completed a therapy session when she answered the door. It was then that Jackson, with a mask on his face, made his way into their house.

Bun says he heard his wife screaming in a way he’d never heard before and grabbed his gun to act — but stayed upstairs when his wife told him, “Don’t come downstairs. He’s going to kill me.”

“I wanted to confront the person who put that fear in my wife’s voice,” Bun B said. He testified that he shot Jackson in the shoulder as he got into the driver’s seat of Queenie’s car in the driveway, and Jackson shot back, eventually leading to a brawl.

When Queenie came out screaming, Jackson took off. Bun says he ran after him, and forced Jackson to reveal his face and his tattoos.

“I wanted to know who that was behind the mask,” Bun B said. “I wanted to know if this was someone I knew personally or someone that knew someone I knew personally.”

Jackson was later hospitalized and pleaded guilty to aggravated robbery. But Bun and Queenie say they are still affected by the invasion.

Bun says Queenie had a breakdown the following day and has been triggered by the crime scene, as well as people who look like Jackson. 

ABC13 reports that Jackson’s lawyers say his mental health issues caused the case to be delayed for five years.


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