Bryson Tiller + beautiful Black & brown women + the Ying Yang Twins = “Outside” music video

Bryson Tiller dropped off the official music video for “Outside,” a month after the song’s release.

On the sexy new track, which is a hot take of the Ying Yang Twins‘ popular 2005 song “Wait (The Whisper Song),” Tiller sings about a recently-single woman who’s “back outside” after having gone through a bad relationship. 

While surrounded by a diverse group of beautiful Black and brown women in the video, Tiller expresses his wishes to court the woman.

He sings in the chorus, “Used to be in love, now you’re like, “F*** Cupid. Hate to be your ex, know that nigga feel stupid / Thumbin’ through the ‘Gram, tryna figure out where you been. All he need to know is that you’re outside.” 

Legendary rap duo the Ying Yang Twins make a surprise cameo in the video. For many fans, it’s one of the group’s first major music appearances in a while, since their reign on top of hip-hop and R&B charts during the 2000s. 

“Outside” is the polar opposite of what everyone is used to hearing from me,” Bryson Tiller said in a statement, according to Complex. “Normally we would release a song intended to put people deep in their feelings, but this song is ANTI-FEELS.”

The new song and video could signify an album on the way, though Bryson’s been busy this year with recent tracks “Gotta Move On” by Diddy and “What Would You Do?” with Joel Corry and David Guetta.

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