Brianna Perry talks working with music icons Missy Elliott, Trina and Beyoncé

Florida rapper Brianna Perry has been hot on everyone’s radar since the early 2000s. Between 2003 and 2006, Perry was formerly signed to Missy Elliott‘s label, The Goldmind Inc. Prior to that, Perry linked up with fellow Florida rapper Trina on the 2002 track, “Kandi.”

Perry tells ABC Audio she’s learned so much from working with “two powerful women in the game.”

“Working with Missy Elliott [and] Trina…I’ve learned so much and it’s crazy because they’re like two totally different artists,” says Perry. “I feel like I learned so much balance, just how to tap into really being a woman, just going hard, taking it to the max with your creativity and still playing with your femininity, being sexy while you being a beast doing what you’re doing.”

Perry says it was a “blessing” to be working with Missy, but also to be recognized by fellow music icon Beyoncé, who previously praised Perry’s “Marilyn Monroe” video in 2012. 

“I can’t even describe the feeling,” she says. “Two women who I’ve always looked up to ever since I was a young girl and just admiring their greatness, how innovative they’ve always been, how serious they take their music and just everything they do. So for them to recognize me, it was crazy.” 

Next month, Brianna Perry is scheduled to release her new album, Boss [Chick] Boulevard.

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